Because It Matters

Sarasota, FL

The firm has extensive expertise in Sarasota Business and Commercial Law and is available for representation in a variety of situations. Our firm’s technology is leading-edge and constantly updated, allowing the office of Michael J. Belle, P.A, to best represent both new and existing clients.

Our firm assists clients in all aspects of the establishment of companies, which involves: selecting the appropriate form of legal organization; drafting the Articles of Incorporation and By-laws; defining the relationships between the shareholders and drawing up appropriate inter-shareholder agreements, especially in the case of joint-ventures. Our firm advises clients on the broad spectrum of business transactions and on the everyday legal needs of companies and businesses. This involves, for example:
• reporting on the conditions for establishing a company and conducting business in Florida;
• the drafting and negotiating commercial documents, such as general conditions of purchase or sale, distribution contracts, agency or franchise agreements, purchase, rent or lease agreements with respect to products, equipment or real estate, association agreements, economic interest grouping agreements, industrial equipment delivery agreements and insurance contracts.